Contact Lenses for Kids

I have worn contact lenses for over 20 years and I now wear the daily disposables which are fantastic, no worrying about cleaning them or if you lose one it doesn’t matter. I was surprised to learn that children can also wear contact lenses. One of the reasons that parents explore the possibility of getting contact lenses for their child is so they can wear them during sporting activities.

Contact lenses have many advantages over Sports Glasses:

  • Lenses provide better peripheral vision
  • Lenses provide more stable vision while the child is running
  • Children feel less self-conscious while wearing lenses
  • There is always the possibility that the Sports Glasses could break during the Sporting activity and cause injury
  • Glasses can fog up and this can impair vision and performance

Some tips to help children successfully wear contact lenses:

  • The child has to want to wear the lenses and be determined to learn how to manage them by themselves.
  • Ensure you select an experienced Contact Lenses Optician, personally I have found the service at Specsavers to be excellent.
  • Children who are good at following instructions and maintaining good hygiene practices will find it easier to manage the lenses.
  • Watch some You Tube videos on how to take contact lenses in and out, see links below.
  • Everyone finds their own way to put their lenses in and take them out, what works for one person might not work for the next. Sometimes the child might use one technique for one eye and a different technique for their other eye.
  • Children’s eye reflexes are much stronger than an adult’s and at first it can help for the child just to practice touching their eye with their finger. Make sure they have washed their hands. Their eyes do get used to this action and within a few days the reflex will not be as strong.
  • Putting in and taking out lenses can be quite a challenge at the start but it’s really worth it so do persevere!

I found these two videos very helpful when learning about putting in and taking out Contact Lenses:

How to put in Contact Lenses  – Learn with Specsavers

How to take out Contact Lenses – Learn with Specsavers

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