Rainbow Puzzle Ball

I bought two of these as Christmas Stocking fillers this year and we’ve found them great fun and value for money. I was searching for a fidget spinner alternative and came across these. They’re like a cross between a fidget spinner, a sliding puzzle  and a Rubik’s Cube. But much easier to complete than a Rubik’s Cube!

It’s a puzzle ball, there are 12 holes and 11 small balls within the big ball, one of the holes is always empty and the purpose is to slide the colored balls from hole to hole until all the balls are matched with the ring around their hole.

The balls can be a little stiff at first but they do become more flexible the more the ball is played with. Also I like the popping noise as the balls click into place but some people have found this a bit irritating.

It helps to develop hand-eye coordination and improve focus and concentration. It’s relatively easy to complete so it doesn’t become frustrating and there is a sense of accomplishment when completed. It aids relaxation and stress relief, and can reduce anxiety.

It’s a good source of simple entertainment and distraction, popular with both kids and adults, and once you learn to complete the puzzle you can add to the fun by seeing who can solve it the quickest!

They can be purchased from Amazon – Magic Rainbow Ball Puzzle.

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